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Cast-Parts is an American die casting company located in California, USA. Cast-Parts produces aluminum diecast parts and zinc diecast parts using a process called "High Pressure Die Casting Process". The high pressure die casting process is where a molten metal alloy is injected using high pressure into a die casting mold or diecasting die to make metal diecast parts.

This die casting process is enabled by the use of high pressure die casting machines. The Die Casting Machines that Cast-Parts uses are computer-aided production controled to produce and ship cast parts to our customers on time. We will usually ship quality products in four weeks from the time the order is placed. We can expedite some cast part shipments in less than two weeks.

Our cast parts die casting machines range up to 650 tons to make parts in aluminum die casting parts from .001 pounds to 5 pounds. Our zinc die casting parts range from less than an ounce to over a few pounds. We make many types of die cast parts from less than an ounce up to a ten pound shot.

Cast Parts Die Casting Company

Die Castings We have been producing aluminum die casting parts and zinc die casting parts since 1994. Die Casting Tooling - We also produce die casting tooling, die casting molds and die casting trim dies as well as quality aluminum and zinc die castings. Look at our main web site to get a complete description of our products and services we offer to our many customers.

Wheel Chair Lift Die Casting Part Die CAst Auto Part Valve Cover Casting Image of Die Casting Parts on Gate Automotive Water Pump Housing Die Casting Part Die Casting Tooling Mold with Slides Image of Die Casting Machine

A Die Casting Company is a "Job Shop" Metal Parts Manufacturing company based in the USA, whose sole purpose is to make metal alloy parts for metal parts manufacturing companies in the USA.

    These die casting metal parts are used in industries such as:
  • Automobile Parts or Car Parts
  • Lighting Fixture Parts
  • Metal Boxes
  • Aluminum Heat Sinks
  • etc...

High Pressure Die Casting is a process we use to make aluminum die cast parts and zinc die cast parts. We inject molten aluminum and zinc alloy metal under pressure into a steel die to produce aluminum and zinc cast parts. Diecasting is a very inexpensive zinc part or aluminum part manufacturing process. Aluminum cast parts can allow intricate designs and forms for die cast parts. This means that manufacturers can purchase tailored cast parts that will be appropriate for their production needs. Aluminum cast parts allow manufacturers to produce parts at a tremendously higher and faster rate than other metal alloy resources. Aluminum die casting and zinc die casting can also accomplish near net shape so the process of machining can be eliminated to produce finished parts. Zinc castings and aluminum castings have the power of steel but very lightweight. The look and visual value of cast parts are also better than other metal alloys. Nevertheless, cast parts are inexpensive so customers can get excellent metal products at very reasonable prices.

Die castings or diecasting parts in aluminum and zinc.
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Diecasting Alloys:
  • Aluminum A360
  • Aluminum A380
  • Aluminum A413
  • Zinc Alloy #3
  • Zinc Alloy #5